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SignPro designers create designs incredibly effective. In this brochures, the titles are simple and clean typeface. The effect is very clean and modern, and though there isn’t much contrast it still translates well. Our Designs can fulfill any business need and look a variety of different ways. It is all able to draw interest and not simply lots of text on a page.We always consider the reader and what they’d like to see. View more of our artwork visit our Pinterest galleries.
1. Front cover
We always care in our brochure cover design visually appealing and provide enough content to invite the reader to open the piece and read more. Many companies simply rely on the logo, company name, a great “tag line” that sums up their products/services. This is the approach we recommend. Some companies want to bullet some items on the front, but also care about space limite.
2. Back cover
Nothing on the back cover than contact information. This is the panel that people are least likely to read, so we don’t put an important message there, it will be lost. we consider just listing phone/fax numbers, website address, and email contacts and leaving the physical address off. This gives the brochure more shelf life if the company move.
3. Inside front panel
This is the most important panel of the piece. We recommend using it to summarize why the customer should choose our client company. It is also a good location for a glowing testimonial. While this is the most important panel, we recommend that our client write it last. By writing the inside spread first, our client will have a better idea of what he want to summarize on the inside front panel. The inside front panel also is a great place for phone number and/or web site address.

Project Details

  • Customer:
    Vision Fairs, Home Deco Expo, Kitex, Nile Print, Ethio Stitch Tex, Erbil 5P International, Ethio 5P, Khartoum Automotive and candle Exhibitions
  • Category:
  • Skills:
    3d max, Free Hand Drawing, Illustrator, In Design, Photography, Photoshop, Sketchs
  • Date:
    October 28, 2014
  • Tags:
    Brochure, Catalog, Portfolio, Profile

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