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Our Staff

Our Staff

A group of staunch believers met in the year 2000, and decided they were together to change the modern world. They were firm believers in the power of Art. Art for better understanding, better lives, style of living, healing, communications, art for better work, and even more; art for better sales!!!

Building strong teamwork begins with trust and clear communication. When teams trust all members and communication is clear and frequent, teamwork starts to build. As a small-business owner, each team member must contribute and work well with her peers. You must encourage and recognize great teamwork and quickly resolve any disputes that might occur.

Create clear and recognizable goals and objectives and always listen for feedback from your team members. Encourage cooperation and help all team members to secure all the supplies and materials they need to be successful.

Khaled M. Al Jarhy
Interior Arc Manager
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior architecture Dept., Interior design Diploma Pennsylvania, Project resources. AUC & Project planning & control techniques AUC certified.
Hesham M.Zohny
Branding Manager
Bachelor of Fine Arts Advertising Department, Adobe Photoshop certified, holds diploma of Technical intellectual property and Interior design.
Yehya Al jarhy
C.E.O & Founder of Zamzam group for construction, over 25 yeas experience in the contracting field.
Norhan K.Ghoniem
Interior Design Manger
Bachelor of Fine Arts interior architecture, Worked with several brands in/out Egypt, over than 10 years experience in interior architecture field.
Nesreen S.Aldien
Marketing Manger
Bachelor of Commerce, Business Administration & Management British council Certified from British Council and more than 8 years Experience with Tamima marketing team.
Ahmed Yehya
IT Engineer
Bachelor of Electronic Engineering from German University (GUC).
Lina Tahtawy
Marketing & Public relations
Bachelor of Business Administration MSA, 2 years experience Radio Preparation programs “Negom FM” and head marketing of Totaim academy.
Nadia Waheed
Interior Designer
Bachelor of Applied Arts, Interior design & Furniture Dept., ICDL, Autocad, 3D max & V-ray certified and WFP scholarship.
Athar Youssry
Social Media Specialist
Bachelor of Management information systems, database Dept., ICDL certified and ” Mini MPA” Master of Business Administration.
Lobna Omar
Social media Specialist
Harford singh university, Hatfield England, Microsoft ICDL certified.

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